Your Sky Compass in Red Sea

From the founders of Serenity Makadi Heights, one of the premier first class resorts complexes in Red Sea, a hospitality touchstone is being established & introduced under SERENITY HOSPITALITY GROUP.

We answer all needs & wants at top-notch services & highest quality standards throughout our range of service lines, covering all aspects of accommodation preferences in luxe.

We proudly announce our launching projects in Makadi & in Sahl Hasheesh.

Makadi Transformation from Serenity Makadi Heights to Andromeda Province Makadi Bay

Corporate Profile

Red Sea for Real Estate Investment & Touristic Development, owner & founder of the renown Serenity Makadi Heights; one of the first luxury resorts compound in the area, built back in 2008; facing Red Sea shores of Aboul Makhareg Bay in Makadi province, 36km south Hurghada airport, occupying a total surface of 74 acres and featuring four integrated resort areas within the same premises, with an accommodating capacity of over two thousand five hundred guests per night & a total of thirteen diversified restaurants.

After fifteen years of hospitality sector expertise & well-earned international brand equity; it was decided for both lateral & vertical expansion. While capitalizing on the Serenity name by the formation of a parent brand under the name of Serenity Hospitality Group, five vertical sub-brands were created; each is directly or indirectly attending to a defined segment within the industry.

Those sub-brands cover gastronomy, lifestyle, entertainment, loyalty program and normally the main area of Serenity proficiency which is hotels & resorts operation.

They come respectively in the names of Serenity Gourmet, Serenity Lifestyle, Serenity D.Moments, Serenity Circles & Serenity Hotels & Resorts.

On ground, a total makeover masterplan has started to be executed in Makadi premises, with the launching of Andromeda Province Makadi Bay in 2024; the new name for Serenity Makadi Heights; as an integral five stars hospitality service compound where several types of hotel accommodation, restauration, entertainment, lifestyle and business-related facilities are found; to be considered as a destination in itself.

The currently operating sections of the province known as Serenity Makadi Beach & Serenity Fun City, are being renovated and a new guests experience concept is being prepared for full implementation as of summer 2024.

This comes along with the rebranding process featuring the new names: Serenity Alpha Beach for the eastern wing (Serenity Makadi Beach till April 2024) and Serenity Alma Heights for the western wing (Serenity Fun City till April 2024).

A new cluster is being opened by the Northen & Southern West parts of Alma Heights, under the name of Serenity Ross Park, featuring the new Ross Collection rooms that are close to the leisure & entertainment areas (water park, kids club, theme park) and the new TAU restaurant.

It was also decided to accomplish the project of the new five stars luxury resort in Sahl Hasheesh, built in contemporary style facing one of the rare sandy beach spots in the area forming its private beach, at the capacity of four hundred rooms and five diversified restaurants. The new Serenity Sky Fringe Sahl Hasheesh will be welcoming its first guests in 2024.

All Serenity properties and brands are being solely operated by the company highly elected executives, holding highest academic degrees in the fields of relevance to their positions & bringing in years of worldwide experience.


Transforming global hospitality through authentically crafted experiences, becoming a guiding light of sustainable success and inclusive prosperity in Egypt and beyond.


We are dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences by intertwining mindful luxury, fostering empowered communities, and championing environmental stewardship.

Our commitment is to elevate the essence of hospitality, one soul at a time, creating meaningful and lasting connections with our guests.


We redefine the concept of ‘hotel service’ by offering personalized and luxurious experiences that cater to the diverse needs of every traveler. We aim to set new industry standards and create a transformative journey for our guests, ensuring that every moment with us is thoughtful and unforgettable.


We aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives by offering exceptional hospitality that benefits both; our guests and the global community.


Our approach is based on simplicity and authenticity, allowing us to form genuine connections with our guests by providing thoughtful luxury and personalized services that redefine the concept of “hotel service”.


Leading the tourism market with diverse, high-quality hospitality experiences, our short-term goals leverage brand equity, expansion, and economic integration, while our long-term vision involves achieving international recognition in hotel management, restaurant franchising, and consumer goods export.


Environmental Protection Measures

In the direction of carbon dioxide emissions reduction, several procedures are being implemented, including redesigning all boilers with no exception to operate with natural gas instead of diesel petrol, which reduced the emission with 60%.

Electricity consumption is kept at the minimal level by replacing all power saving lights with led lights, in public areas & in guests’ rooms. This procedure had reduced the consumption between 30% to 40% (depends on the season), while providing 5 times illumination over the power saving lights.

On a parallel level, the warmness level caused by the led lights is far below the power saving type, which lessens the load on air-conditioning system and therefore reduces electricity consumption from another source.

While electricity in Red Sea is being generated by stations using natural gas as a power source, thus, the subject consumption reduction has another positive impact on the environment.

Water savers have been fixed to all water sources; having for effect not only the preservation of water but also the reduction of needed electricity to run the sweet water plant pumps in relevance with the quantity of water produced. This also decreases the amount of time the pumps are being put in operation and thus increases the maintenance time span & lessens the consumption of non-organic petroleum products (machinery oils). The year 2023 has witnessed a 35% water saving compared to 2022.

In the same direction, all sewage water is directed to an onsite plant with treatment station, to be used in landscape irrigation, keeping clear signage all around the areas which sprinklers are connected to the treatment station of the sewage plant. This procedure excluded playgrounds grass and other kids designated areas to ensure utmost hygienic protection for children.

All used chemicals, from detergents to pest control substances are eco-friendly and purchased from certified companies.

A monthly cleanup day for the sea shores is taking place; guests are also welcome to contribute in the activity.

Local Community Support

A weekly exhibition takes place onsite, featuring genuine local handcrafted products & goods for the guests, with a presentation to the history, culture & civilization of the region.